Alpha-Phonics 128 Lessons Video Workshop

Alpha-Phonics 128 Lessons Video Workshop

Book Title: Alpha-Phonics 128 Lessons Video Workshop

Publisher: Paradigm Co.

ISBN: 0941995232

Release Date: 2008-10-01

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Alpha-Phonics 128 Lessons Video Workshop

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This is a 2-hour video of Samuel L. Blumenfeld at a Homeschool Conference in 1990 going through his phonics reading instruction book: Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers, lesson by lesson. The quality is not good because it was made by a parent who wanted to capture as much as possible for himself. (Sam Blumenfeld on the same Video also goes through all the lessons of his other teaching book: How To Tutor) We have made it available for years at a low cost knowing it was not as easy to listen to as we would like. We felt the value of a Mom sitting at home being able to go through her own copy of Alpha-Phonics, while at the same time watching the video as Sam explains everything, was worth it to Moms anyway. This seems to be true as we have had many sales of it with only a couple of very understandable complaints from Parents unhappy that it was not of Hollywood quality). We have often tried to redo the video but had trouble catching Sam Blumenfeld long enough to have him do the presentation over again. Now, sadly Sam has passed away (At age 90 in May of 2015) so that will not be possible. Still, parents will find this DVD very helpful. It is very much like actually being in a Homeschool Workshop or Conference with each lesson covered, including Sam making copious notes on the Whiteboard. A Mom has the added advantage of being able to stop and start her Video at any time, even going back when needed to make sure she gets the best out of it. For details on the book Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers please go to 9780941995320 on for full information about this famous phonics reading instruction program used by thousands over the 30 plus years it has been available. And please notice the retail price of the new 2016 version of Alpha-Phonics now is now only $24.95 (The same price as it was over 20 years ago yet is the same high quality and identical contents it has always been). And please look on Amazon for Sam s three R s teaching book: How To Tutor 9780941995290 which also covers arithmetic (through 6th grade) and cursive Handwriting. There are other Alpha-Phonics and How To tutor teaching materials available at Amazon which, although they are optional, can be very helpful to the Homeschooling Parent: The Alpha-Phonics and How To Tutor Little Companion Readers (9780941995344); The Alpha-Phonics and How To Tutor Phonics Practice Workbook (9780941995337); The How To Tutor Cursive Writing Practice Book (ISBN:9780941995382); The How To Tutor Workbook for Addition and Subtraction (9780941995399); The How To Tutor Workbook for Beginning Multiplication, Division and Fractions (9780941995405). The benefits of all these very helpful optional aids are thoroughly explained on by typing in the ISBN numbers given above. The Alpha-Phonics A Primer for Beginning Readers teaching textbook is a complete phonics reading instruction program and stands by itself as simple, effective and very inexpensive. The additional optional materials listed are not required but extremely helpful, especially for the Moms who are just beginning their Homeschooling. Having some or all of these aids really do help get a new Mom over the new homeschooling jitters! A final resource by Sam Blumenfeld that helps Moms find out where their student stands in their reading ability is: The Blumenfeld Oral Reading Assessment Test. (9780941995375) This is a simple to use test to take inventory of student's reading level from 2nd through 12th Grade. It is inexpensive ($ 19.95 retail) and quick to administer. One can do it in about 30 minutes. No special skills are needed. Once the child is tested Mom knows where her student currently is and can begin to apply whatever program she feels will get the child up to speed. Sam Blumenfeld's Alpha-Phonics, of course, is a good way to easily make that happen!